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Wood Destruction — Pest Management-Sarasota, FL
A comprehensive pest control plan from Al Harris Pest Control can help prevent termite infestation or eliminate existing termites, saving your family or your business money. Most insurance plans do not cover damage due to termites, so it is key to have a prevention plan that protects your property from costly damage.
Termite Droppings — Pest Management-Sarasota, FL
When you choose Al Harris Pest Control, we provide you with total protection against all types of termites, including drywood and subterranean. Oftentimes, homeowners don't notice the infestation until it's too late. Our team thoroughly inspects your home or business, catching any infestations before they cause further wood destruction to your property.
Termite damage rotten wood— Pest Management-Sarasota, FL
We use environmentally sound pest control solutions such as using bug spray that will not harm your property or pets. Our localized and broad-spectrum termite treatments get the root of the problem and eliminate the source. When you choose us for your pest control needs, you can rest assured that your home will be termite-free when we're finished.