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Cockroach Control

Don’t let Cockroaches Take Over Your Home or Business

Cockroach control is a must if you live in SWFL.  For many of us there’s nothing more disgusting than seeing roaches scamper across your floor or counter top. Southwest Florida is home to a variety of different kinds of cockroaches and they are all disgusting. Roaches aren’t just disgusting to look at, they are also potentially dangerous. Roaches can carry diseases as well as cause nasal congestion, diarrhea, and asthmatic reactions in humans, especially children and senior citizens. It’s worth noting cockroaches have been verified to carry over 30 types of bacteria including E Coli and Salmonella.

Cockroaches love warm and wet conditions making Florida an ideal habitat. The professionals at Al Harris Pest Control have been controlling roaches in Sarasota and Manatee counties since 1978. We offer comprehensive pest control plans to keep your home or business roach free.

What Can You do to Help Prevent Cockroaches in Your Home or Business?

The best way to ensure your home remains cockroach free is to have a comprehensive pest control plan from Al Harris Pest Control. There are however steps you can take to help make your home or business less “roach friendly”.  Here are some things you can do to help in cockroach control.

  • If you place dishes in a dishwasher, make sure you have washed them first. If possible, don’t wait to run it through a cycle. Don’t leave dirty dishes in your kitchen sink. If you can’t wash them right away make sure to leave them in a sink of soapy water.
  • Roaches love pet food. After feeding your pets, dispose of any uneaten food and pick up any residue left of the floor.
  • This should go without saying, but don’t leave leftovers out overnight. If you must leave food out store it in plastic containers with tight fitting lids.
  • Make sure to clean all areas where food has been prepared. Roaches don’t need much of an invitation to dine!
  • Roaches love to hide under your freezer or refrigerator. Periodically clean the evaporator pan under these appliances. Trust us, it makes a difference!
  • Take out the garbage! This may seem obvious but empty garbage cans throughout your home or business. Roaches will eat almost anything, soap, toothpaste, paper, glue, wax, and even other insects. Yes, they are disgusting!
cockroach control

Common Roaches We See in Our Service Area

American Roaches: The American Roach is commonly found outdoors where standing water or moisture is easily obtained. Also known as a Palmetto bug, they thrive in places like a storm drain, and heavily irrigated areas like landscaped areas are a perfect habitat. With that said, American roaches can also take up residence in your home. The American roach is capable of flight but usually can be found on the ground. There favorite entry points are the garage, open windows and entryways. They will take up residence in bathrooms, kitchen cabinets, laundry rooms and anywhere they can find water and a food source.

German Roaches: German roaches prefer to live indoors. Most likely, German roaches gain access to your home in a package from the store, or even in a suitcase brought inside from a recent trip. While these roaches don’t fly, they can easily take over a home or business if not dealt with properly. They love warm, cozy spots. Perhaps you’ve seen a German roach exit the backside of your TV set. A favorite hiding spot they actually eat the glue that holds the TV together. Yes, that’s gross. A single female German roach can mate one time and produce more than 30,000 offspring in a year!

Smokey Brown Roaches: Because this type of roach tends to require access to water every 2 or 3 days, they prefer a moist, dark environment. Only the male Brown roach can fly, and they tend to prefer to live in higher locations like above kitchen or laundry room cabinetry, inside closets, dressers, and behind picture frames and above appliances. If you are consistently seeing smaller roaches in your home or business, they are probably Brown roaches.

Why Choose Al Harris Pest Control?

Since 1978, Al Harris Pest Control has been Sarasota and Manatee counties # 1 choice for Residential & Commercial Pest Control and Wildlife Removal. Whether you are a homeowner, general manager, contractor, property manager, office manager or business owner, we have worked with thousands of customers successfully removing pests and wildlife.

Al Harris Pest Control is dedicated to every customer and strives to give each client the best in high-quality services and products. If you are in need of quality residential or commercial pest control services, don’t wait! Contact Al Harris Pest Control today to schedule your inspection and get your free estimate.

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